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Today an imam delivered the opening prayer before the Virginia House of Delegates – and once again the Religious Right is having kittens.

Three Religious Right groups – the Traditional Values Coalition, the Virginia Anti-Shariah Task Force and Act for America — say the imam, Johari Abdul-Malik of the Dar al-Hijrah Islamic Center in Falls Church, is […] Read More

Freedom of Religion

Earlier this week, I had the pleasure of speaking to a group of six imams who traveled from Tajikistan to learn about the American system of government.

On their list of stops in Washington was Americans United’s office. They wanted to hear from us about religious liberty in the United States.

So for about an hour, I sat down to […] Read More

Freedom of Religion, Religion in Public Life, Religious Right Research

A new survey about religion in America has the Religious Right all worked up.

Researchers at Trinity College in Hartford noted a sharp rise in the number of Americans who, when asked to state their religious preference, replied “none.” According to some polls, this bloc of Americans now accounts for about 15 percent, and Trinity researchers say it may rise […] Read More

Church Politicking

We’re sure in the coming days we’re going to hear a lot of grunting from Religious Right groups over President Barack Obama’s speech in Cairo this morning.

After all, his address, intended to improve relations between Islam and the West, celebrated religious diversity, reached out to Muslims and discussed how important it is to tolerate the beliefs of others. Not […] Read More