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Religious School Vouchers, Tax Funding of Religion

As if there aren’t already enough reasons why public funds should never support religious education – here are just a few more.

Reason No. 793: NBC’s Today Show recently interviewed a Florida teacher who said she was fired by a Christian school after school officials learned she became pregnant before her marriage.

Jarretta Hamilton said she was terminated in […] Read More

Religious School Vouchers

Every morning, I pass through Union Station, a majestic restored train station, on my way to work at Americans United.

Union Station contains a stop for the Washington, D.C., subway, the Metro. Lately, I’ve noticed huge posters plastered all over the station walls. They depict pictures of smiling (mostly minority) children demanding to know why Congress won’t give them “scholarships” […] Read More

American Family Association, Don Wildmon, Family Research Council, Focus On The Family, James Dobson, Religious Right Research, Tony Perkins

I’m back from the Religious Right Bizarro World that is the “Values Voter Summit.” As always, it was quite an experience.

I’ll have a full report on the event in the October Church & State, but I wanted to share some things I learned at the Summit with you today:

* Be As Partisan As You Want To Be: I’m […] Read More

Religious School Vouchers

The headline in the Washington Examiner was just what the Heritage Foundation’s propaganda ministry wanted.

“D.C. police receive hundreds of calls about violence at schools,” the tabloid blared.

The story said District of Columbia public schools were the sites of 3,500 emergency calls to the D.C. police during the 2007-08 school year. According to a Heritage Foundation “report,” incidents […] Read More