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Religion in Public Life

When political pundits talk about the power of religious groups to affect public policy in Washington, most tend to focus on the Religious Right.

Indeed, during the presidency of George W. Bush, Religious Right groups flexed a lot of political muscle and won numerous victories on Capitol Hill.

But the Religious Right has an Achilles’ heel: Its leaders and activists […] Read More

Religious Right Research

Earlier this month I criticized some offensive comments about health-care reform made by Richard Land, the top lobbyist for the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC).

Land, speaking to the Christian Coalition of Florida during a Sept. 26 banquet, blasted President Barack Obama and congressional Democrats, remarking, “I want to put it to you bluntly. What they are attempting to do in […] Read More

Religious Right Research

I understand that people have different views on the issue of health-care reform.

My family and I rely on my health-care plan, and I want to make sure it’s there for us. At the same time, I can’t accept the fact that so many millions of my fellow citizens are without coverage. I don’t see those two concerns as irreconcilable. […] Read More

Government-Sponsored Religion, Religion in Public Life

Most political analysts agree that the November election was a repudiation of President George W. Bush and his policies. To be sure, many voters were impressed by Barack Obama’s vision and rhetorical skills, but they also saw the need for a sharp break with the failed policies of the Bush regime.

Bush either does not understand this or simply chooses […] Read More