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Religion in Public Schools

“God Hates Showoffs.”

That was the message on a sign in the crowd at yesterday’s meeting of the Exeter Union (Calif.) High School District.

According to a report in the Visalia Times-Delta, students also held up a second sign that read, “God Says No Prayer.”

The students in a provocative way were asking school trustees to vote against including […] Read More

Religion in Public Schools

A few weeks ago, I mentioned a graduating senior who asked his Ohio high school to change its policy of beginning and ending commencement with Christian prayers.

Thanks to Jacob Davis’ courage in publicly opposing this policy, the Chillicothe school has finally agreed to abide by the Constitution — for the most part.

Public school officials allowed clergy to […] Read More

Religion in Public Schools

This summer, I will celebrate my 10-year high school reunion. In fact, just last week I received a Facebook message from our class president to “save the date” (which, as a side note, I doubt I will be “saving”).

But reading the message got me thinking. High school can be a tough place, but there definitely were some good times. […] Read More

Religion in Public Schools

Generally speaking, elections are good things. When you need a new mayor, member of Congress, senator, etc., a fair election is the best way to get one.

Making decisions by majority vote is often another nice feature of our political system. When the city council is trying to decide whether to repair sidewalks or replace street lights and doesn’t have […] Read More