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Last night, Americans United celebrated a decision by a U.S. district court judge who ruled the congressionally mandated National Day of Prayer was unconstitutional.

The Rev. Barry W. Lynn, AU’s executive director, hailed the decision as a “tremendous victory for religious liberty. Congress has no business telling Americans when or how to pray.”

But several Religious Right leaders […] Read More

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The issue of prayer before government meetings continues to generate controversy around the country. Yesterday I mentioned a flap in Sevier County, Tenn., where members of the Board of Commissioners routinely open their meetings with the Lord’s Prayer.

Community discord over official prayer is also erupting in Henderson County, N.C., where members of the county commission usually open […] Read More

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Two weeks ago, I wrote about R. Rex Parris, the mayor of Lancaster, Calif. Parris found himself in a bit of a hot spot when, during a speech to religious leaders, he asserted, “We’re growing a Christian community, and don’t let anybody shy away from that.”

Americans United Executive Director Barry W. Lynn called on Parris to […] Read More

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Lodi, Calif., is a city of about 62,000 residents between Sacramento and Stockton. I’ve never been there, but Wikipedia tells me the town is known for its wine production – it’s the “Zinfandel Capital of the World.” The band Creedence Clearwater Revival once penned a tune called “Stuck in Lodi.”

But lately Lodi has been in the news for […] Read More

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It’s always good to hear about government officials agreeing to follow the law before a court orders them to.

The New Jersey Star-Ledger reported today that officials in Newton, N.J., agreed to stop reciting the Lord’s Prayer before its city council meetings, following a complaint made by resident Doug Radigan.

“It’s not a surprise, but I’m disappointed that we had […] Read More

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Last year Americans United sent a letter to the Pennsylvania Senate, asking the leadership to revise that body’s prayer policy. Like a lot of government bodies, the state Senate opens with a prayer, often one delivered by a guest minister.

AU had received complaints from Keystone State residents who noticed that the prayers were almost always Christian. We asked the […] Read More