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Government-Sponsored Religion, Religion in Public Life

I wrote earlier this week about the increasing religious diversity of America and the rise of “nones” – people who say they belong to no specific religious group.

As the face of American religion changes, it’s bound to have implications for public policy. All units of government will need to find ways to include everyone, regardless of what they […] Read More

Christian Reconstructionists, Religious Right Research

By now, many of you have heard about the preacher in Tempe, Ariz., who is praying for the death of President Barack Obama.

Thanks to You Tube, Pastor Steven L. Anderson of Faithful Word Baptist Church has become kind of famous. Anderson’s recent “Why I Hate Barack Obama” sermon has attracted wide attention.

The night before an Obama speech in […] Read More

Government-Sponsored Religion, Religion in Public Life, Religion in the Military

Lodi, Calif., is a city of about 62,000 residents between Sacramento and Stockton. I’ve never been there, but Wikipedia tells me the town is known for its wine production – it’s the “Zinfandel Capital of the World.” The band Creedence Clearwater Revival once penned a tune called “Stuck in Lodi.”

But lately Lodi has been in the news for […] Read More

Religious Right Research

On Friday I wrote about Gordon James Klingenschmitt, a former Navy chaplain who has been trying to raise money and recruit supporters through a Religious Right Web site titled

Americans United and the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) took issue with Klingenschmitt’s site and his e-mail alerts that referred to him as “Chaplain Klingenschmitt” and showed him in a […] Read More

Government-Sponsored Religion, Religion in Public Life, Religious Right Research

Over the past few years, Americans United has sparred with Gordon James Klingenschmitt, a former Navy chaplain with a penchant for Religious Right grandstanding.

Klingenschmitt, then still in the service, ran into problems two years ago when he defied orders to use nonsectarian prayers at military events where people from many different faith perspectives would be present. He later […] Read More