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Supreme Court Justice David H. Souter’s decision to retire and return to his farm in New Hampshire has really got the Religious Right’s knickers in knots – but also has given movement leaders an opportunity.

President Barack Obama is expected to name Souter’s replacement soon, and chances are the Religious Right isn’t going to like that person’s record.

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Judicial Nominations, Religion in Public Schools

It’s possible “Tonight Show” Host Jay Leno already has conclusive results on this, but for today’s purposes, I’m just going to make a wild assumption.

I’m going to assume that if I stopped the average American on the street and asked him or her to name all the U.S. Supreme Court justices, most would probably have no clue.

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Defending The Courts, Judicial Nominations

I was shocked and saddened to open my Washington Post this morning and read about Supreme Court Justice David H. Souter’s plan to retire. The high court is about to lose one of its strongest defenders of the church-state wall.

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