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Religion in Public Schools

When I was in college, we could always tell when the relentless western Pennsylvania winter was finally losing its grip by two key events: A roving evangelist would appear on campus and scream at women he thought were immodestly attired, and the Gideons would stand outside the cafeteria and pass out copies of the New Testament.

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Evolution & Creationism, Religion in Public Schools

My kindergarten teacher Ms. Valentino had certain non-sectarian pedagogical goals: She wanted us to learn to share, to respect our teachers, to obey our parents and to recognize letters, shapes and sounds. I think she did a fine job, and I look back on her small classroom in the annex of P.S. 42 quite fondly.

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Religion in Public Life, Religion in Public Schools

Jewish students at a public school in Plano, Texas, say they have been pressured by classmates to pick up copies of the New Testament and taunted if they didn’t.

According to The Dallas Morning News, Gideons International, an evangelical Christian group, set up display tables in a dozen Plano schools in recent months that offered free Bibles. The effort […] Read More