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Religion in Public Schools

In Oklahoma, state legislators seem intent on pushing through legislation that encourages public schools to teach from the Bible.

Two bills are making their way through the House and Senate, and the bills’ proponents have made it clear they intend for this legislation to promote Christianity and undermine church-state separation.

After all, no legislation is necessary for public schools to […] Read More

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There is always something going on Nampa, Idaho, isn’t there?

Last year, the Nampa public library removed two sex education books from its shelves after receiving complaints from religious activists. And the city’s “Treasure Valley God and Country Festival” mixed Bible readings with hourly flyovers by Air Force B-2 bombers for years until the Pentagon finally put a […] Read More

Religion in Public Schools

A 77-year-old retired public school teacher is fighting for the Bible to be taught in Idaho’s schools, according to a report in the Idaho Press-Tribune.

Chuck Sheldon, founder and executive director of the group Our Godly American Heritage, claims he wants to see an academic course on the Bible to be taught as an elective. He believes the Idaho […] Read More

Religion in Public Schools

Forget about what the law says, some Texas school board members think they know better.

The Houston Chronicle reports that several Texas Board of Education members are pushing Texas schools to teach a curriculum drafted by the North Carolina-based National Council on Bible Curriculum In Public Schools (NCBCPS). This promotion comes despite the fact that a Florida federal court ruled […] Read More