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On the Hill, Religious Right Research

The White House is apparently a heavenly place to pick up some free travel, courtesy of religious lobbying groups.

According to a recent article in The Hill, White House travel records show that churches and other religious entities paid for close to a quarter of the privately funded trips taken by White House aides since late 2006.

Reporters Rebecca […] Read More

Marriage & Sexuality, On the Hill

The Bush administration is at it again – that is, pushing its religious agenda, this time by limiting reproductive freedom.

In the final months of his administration, Bush is trying to force through a draft regulation that will “deny federal funding to any hospital, clinic, health plan or other entity that does not accommodate employees who want to opt […] Read More

On the Hill

Graduating from a good law school with strong grades and other top credentials hasn’t meant much to the hiring officials at the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ).

Rather, being “pro-God” and “pro-marriage” has been a better way to snag a position with the federal government, according to a report out today that investigated the DOJ’s hiring practices.

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On the Hill

Thanks to a strong push by the Bush administration, the U.S. Department of Justice awarded part of a $1.2 million grant to an evangelical Christian organization, Victory Outreach, whose mission is to carry “the hope and message of Jesus Christ to the four corners of the earth,” ABC News has reported.

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On the Hill, Religious School Vouchers

A House appropriations subcommittee holds hearings today on whether to renew Washington, D.C.‘s school voucher scheme. The “Opportunity Scholarship Program,” which has an annual budget of $15 million, provides 1,900 vouchers worth up to $7,500 each for students to attend religious and other private schools in the nation’s capital.

President George W. Bush has allocated $18 million for […] Read More

On the Hill, Religious School Vouchers

He just will not stop. Last night in his State of the Union address, President George W. Bush continued his war on church-state separation and America‘s public school system.

In a 53-minute address that may well be this administration’s swan song, Bush demanded, among other things, that Congress make his “faith-based” initiative permanent and also fund a […] Read More

On the Hill

The New York Times reported last May that religious groups’ ability to secure federal funds for land, buildings and social services was increasing dramatically. The Times noted that “some religious organizations are also hiring professional lobbyists to pursue the narrowly tailored individual appropriations known as earmarks.”

According to the newspaper’s analysis of federal records, “the number of earmarks […] Read More

On the Hill

It should come as no surprise that the Bush administration is silencing science to push its political and religious agenda. A string of government scientists, from the National Institutes of Health to NASA, has criticized Bush for ignoring scientific evidence demonstrating the promise of embryonic stem-cell research and the dangers of global warming.

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On the Hill

The Southern Baptist Convention’s (SBC) shift to the far right is a familiar and disconcerting story. One of its most prominent voices, Richard Land, the SBC’s top lobbyist in Washington, is widely seen as an influential player into today’s Religious Right movement and a strident opponent of church-state separation.

But the SBC does not speak for all Baptists. Baptist bodies […] Read More

Faith-Based Initiatives, On the Hill

Religious Right lore holds that religious groups in America are treated like second-class citizens. They are scorned and relegated to the back of the public policy bus.

But like so many things portrayed as “conventional wisdom,” this claim about religion in the United States is false. In fact, religious organizations are quickly becoming savvy at playing the lobbying game in […] Read More