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Last month I wrote a story for Church & State speculating about possible new leaders for the Religious Right. I focused on Mike Huckabee, Newt Gingrich, Rick Warren and others.

One person I did not think to include was Ralph Reed, the one-time wunderkind who served as executive director of Pat Robertson’s Christian Coalition from 1989 to 1997.

I […] Read More

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I have to hand it to Pat Robertson. After all these many years that I have watched his antics, he can still make me laugh.

This week the 79-year-old multi-millionaire TV preacher was in Allentown, Pa., giving a speech on behalf of a local charity.

According to The Morning Call, Robertson “said the nation’s dire economic circumstances are the […] Read More

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Pat Robertson is on a tear again.

According to The Virginian-Pilot, the controversial TV preacher is predicting an imminent war in the Middle East that may result in nuclear attacks on coastal cities in the United States.

“In a letter on his Web site,, Robertson said his opinion was that Israel would bomb Iranian nuclear sites between Nov. […] Read More

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When we last caught up with Ralph Reed, former Christian Coalition director and disgraced lobbyist, he was flogging his first novel, a political thriller called Dark Horse.

The book is not exactly a runaway best-seller. Publisher’s Weekly ran a small (and not terribly positive) blurb and the Buffalo News seemed to like it, but I have not been able […] Read More

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TV preacher Pat Robertson is mad at Americans United again.

On Tuesday’s “700 Club,” Robertson groused that Americans United (along with People For the American Way and Media Matters) watch his show every day and alert the media when he says extreme things.

“They have people assigned to monitor every word, and then to take those words, change them often, […] Read More

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When we last heard from Ralph Reed, the former Christian Coalition executive director turned political consultant was running for lieutenant governor of Georgia.

Ralph had it all planned – four years in the lieutenant governor’s office, then governor. After that, he could run for U.S. Senate or maybe even seek the White House. The political road ahead looked smooth for […] Read More

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I’ve been working as a communications assistant at Americans United for Separation of Church and State for just about a week now, and already I have learned a lot. TV preacher Pat Robertson, for example, informed me (along with all the viewers of his “700 Club”) that he is not a gynecologist, and Religious Right radio host Janet Folger […] Read More

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How do you react when people tell you they’re evangelicals?

Do you think that they simply want to share their faith – or do you start making assumptions about their political views?

A lot of Americans would say the latter. Over the years, evangelicalism has become so tied to right-wing politics that many people assume that anyone who lays claim […] Read More

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In 1996, I wrote a book titled The Most Dangerous Man in America?: Pat Robertson and the Rise of the Christian Coalition.

At that time, the Christian Coalition was going great guns. Led by the young and media-savvy Ralph Reed, the organization claimed two million members and would routinely bring 4,000 people to Washington for meetings.

A lot has […] Read More

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TV preacher Pat Robertson’s top lawyer, Jay Sekulow, is all atwitter because a minority religious group wants equal treatment from a local government in Utah. The group, called Summum, wants to erect a monument bearing its “Seven Aphorisms” near a Ten Commandments display in a local park.  

You’d think Sekulow would be all for it, since […] Read More