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Judge Vaughn Walker’s ruling against California’s Proposition 8 spurred the predictable round of incendiary rhetoric from the Religious Right. Chuck Colson said it could mean Armageddon for religious liberty, TV preacher Pat Robertson said gay people want to destroy the church and destroy marriage and the American Family Association’s Tim Wildmon demanded that the U.S. House impeach […] Read More

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Chuck Colson has declared his biggest fear is theocracy.

Yes, you read that right. The Religious Right warhorse has just told The New York Times that his “greatest concern is theocracy.”

In a profile in the Times Sunday magazine, Colson was asked what he considers the greatest misconception about Christians.

“That we are intolerant,” he replied. “Christianity has deep […] Read More

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Has Chuck Colson finally gone off the deep end?

Colson, a prominent and revered Religious Right author and theoretician, seems to have been drifting toward the edge of the flat Earth for years.

Colson converted to evangelical Christianity while doing time in prison for his felonious role in the Nixon-era Watergate scandal. After getting out in 1975, he founded Prison […] Read More

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Prison Fellowship Ministries founder Charles Colson recently addressed the Southern Baptist Convention’s Pastors Conference in San Antonio, Texas. Ethics reports that the speech was a no-holds-barred attack on Islam and atheism.

Colson derided the former for spawning “Islamofacism,” a religion-political ideology that is “evil incarnate.” “Islam is a vicious evil,” he said. Comparing Christianity to […] Read More

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In early June, a federal court struck down a taxpayer-supported prison program in Iowa run by Charles Colson’s Prison Fellowship. U.S. District Judge Robert Pratt ruled that the InnerChange Freedom Initiative (IFI) was rife with fundamentalist Christianity and thus could not be funded by the state. The legal challenge was sponsored by Americans United.

Colson and Mark Earley, president of […] Read More