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Health Care Reform

“We could do today what we couldn’t do yesterday,” stated George Daley, a researcher at Children’s Hospital in Boston, in response to yesterday’s clearance from the Obama administration for scientists to begin using new lines of human embryonic stem cells in federally funded experiments.

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has approved approximately $21 million for […] Read More

Health Care Reform, Marriage & Sexuality, Religion and politics

The New York Times today reported on a sad and worrisome situation in Vallejo, Calif.

Though the community faces a financial crisis, much like the rest of the country, The Times asserts the town is also struggling because “its political system increasingly reflects the influence of evangelical churches.”

The story provides several examples where this influence can be seen, particularly […] Read More

Health Care Reform, Marriage & Sexuality

As we start off this week, the debate over reproductive rights restrictions in the U.S. House’s proposed health-care legislation continues to rage.

Last Tuesday, my colleague Rob Boston blogged about how the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops succeeded in including an amendment to the health-care bill that bars insurance companies that receive any government subsidies (including those participating in […] Read More