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Yesterday, New York City’s Landmarks Preservation Commission voted unanimously to allow construction of an Islamic center in lower Manhattan. Immediately after the vote, TV preacher Pat Robertson’s American Center for Law and Justice announced that it would file suit to block the move.

Why is an organization that purports to promote religious freedom suing to stop construction […] Read More

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As we head into the long weekend in celebration of the birth of our country, it’s a good time to remember how lucky we are that our Constitution guarantees us so many rights and freedoms.

One of these freedoms, of course, is the option to choose what faith to believe in, or to believe in nothing at all. Our Constitution […] Read More

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An interesting documentary is opening in some major cities this weekend, and if you get the chance, I’d suggest that you check it out.

Titled “8: The Mormon Proposition,” the film examines the role the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons) played in helping pass Proposition 8 in California, which repealed marriage equality for same-sex […] Read More

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It’s Friday and time for another quick roundup of stories about church-state separation and the Religious Right you might have overlooked in the media. Let’s get right to it.

  • Virginia’s state seal features an image of the Roman goddess Virtus, who is normally depicted wearing a cap and holding a spear – with one breast exposed. Recently, Attorney General

[…] Read More

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Earlier this week, I had the pleasure of speaking to a group of six imams who traveled from Tajikistan to learn about the American system of government.

On their list of stops in Washington was Americans United’s office. They wanted to hear from us about religious liberty in the United States.

So for about an hour, I sat down to […] Read More

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Yesterday, the Chicago Council on Global Affairs’ 32-member task force asked the U.S. government to make religion “integral” to American foreign policy. 

The group claims that countries see America’s focus on religious freedom as a form of imperialism and concludes that Western secularism feeds into religious extremism.

The report, produced by a group who wants to see government […] Read More

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It’s Presidents’ Day. In honor of the holiday, I thought it would be interesting to pull together some quotes by our chief executives on church-state separation and religious freedom.

Most people know that Thomas Jefferson and James Madison were great champions of church-state separation. But did you know that James K. Polk had some interesting things to say, […] Read More

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Religiously tinged oaths are a pretty common feature of American life. Anyone who has watched a courtroom drama on television has probably seen witnesses being sworn in on a Bible, vowing to tell the truth “so help me, God.”

Elected officials are often sworn in with similar oaths. Interestingly, nothing in the Constitution requires this. Article II, Sect. 1 of […] Read More

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I did an interview last week with TV preacher Pat Robertson’s Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN). The network was interested in getting my thoughts about U.S. Rep. Henry Brown’s resolution promoting Christmas.

I told CBN I didn’t think much of it. I pointed out that if you want a deeply religious experience at this time of year, you’re bound […] Read More

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Note: This post is a re-publication of one that originally appeared on Thanksgiving Day 2007. Enjoy the holiday!

When you sit down to your Thanksgiving dinner today, do you plan to say grace?

If so, what religious tradition will the prayer come from? Will it be a blessing from the Jewish, Muslim or Hindu faiths? Will it be Catholic, Mormon […] Read More