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As I cruised some news headlines online this morning, I came across an interesting tidbit: Bronislaw Komorowski, the newly elected president of Poland, campaigned in part on a promise to increase the separation of church and state.

Poland can certainly use some separation. Back in the early 1990s, I remember Americans United hosting an activist from that county who […] Read More

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I regard Sarah Palin’s new book like I do the movie “New Moon” – I’m not the intended audience and I don’t really care about it.

But the media keeps sticking the thing in my face. In the case of Palin’s book, it has become obvious that I’m going to be forced to look at the train wreck even though […] Read More

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Let’s pretend it’s the middle of October, and John Doe and Jane Smith are both seeking the same U.S. Senate seat. Doe, who is down a few points in the polls, hears a rumor that Smith attended a fund-raiser sponsored by a Jewish group at the home of a couple who happen to be Jewish.

Doe’s campaign runs a television […] Read More

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I hadn’t planned to attend the Inauguration of Barack Obama on the National Mall, since I’m not a huge fan of big crowds and cold weather. But yesterday morning at 9 I found myself on the Mall, surrounded by 1.5 million others, staring at a jumbo screen.

How did this happen? Blame it on my 14-year-old daughter. Claire was determined […] Read More

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The controversy over Barack Obama’s decision to ask Pastor Rick Warren to deliver the invocation at his inauguration refuses to die down. Discontent over the matter continues to simmer around the Web, and now the pundits are weighing in.

This morning, two Washington Post columnists commented – coming to radically different conclusions.

E.J. Dionne sees Obama’s decision as a savvy […] Read More

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Andre Carson is a Muslim. Jared Polis is Jewish. Dina Titus is Greek Orthodox.

Does it matter? Maybe. Maybe not.

Carson, Polis and Titus are three members of the 111th Congress. On Jan. 6, they and their 532 colleagues will be sworn into office. They will hold hearings, draft legislation and enact laws that affect all of us. Their religious […] Read More

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So Pastor Rick Warren has been invited to deliver the invocation during Barack Obama’s inauguration?

What disappointing news! Warren, an increasingly prominent evangelical who penned the successful book The Purpose-Driven Life, likes to portray himself as above the partisan fray. But he’s not. Warren is a kinder, gentler Jerry Falwell in a Hawaiian shirt and blue jeans with better […] Read More

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Here they go again.

It seems that Religious Right activists are up to their usual dubious tactics — this time recruiting Georgia churches to try to secure a victory for U.S. Senate Republican incumbent Saxby Chambliss in his Dec. 2 run-off.

After the Nov. 4 election, neither Chambliss nor Democrat Jim Martin received the 50-percent-plus-one-vote needed to win. If Martin […] Read More

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Some right-wing members of the clergy are getting upset over the election of Barack Obama. I mean really getting upset.

The story about the Roman Catholic priest in Greenville, S.C., who told parishioners that if they voted for Obama they could not receive communion has been all over the Web. (He has since been reined in by his superiors.) […] Read More

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I have to tip my hat to Tony Perkins and the gang at the Family Research Council: Within a week of the election, they issued what I am sure will be first of many fund-raising letters attacking Barack Obama. That’s fast turn around.

This mean-spirited missive arrived at my home on Monday. I was impressed. Many Americans were still celebrating […] Read More