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Government-Sponsored Religion, Religion and politics

President Barack Obama has named his new ambassador to the Holy See, and nominee Miguel H. Diaz has already announced his understanding of the job.

“If confirmed by the U.S. Senate,” said Diaz in a statement. “I will continue the work of my predecessors and build upon 25 years of formal diplomatic relations with the Holy See. I wish […] Read More

Jerry Falwell Sr, Religious Right Research

A propensity toward prevarication seems to run in the Falwell family.

Americans United staffers used to repeatedly note that the Rev. Jerry Falwell Sr. once preached a sermon in which he said, “I hope to live to see the day, when, as in the early days of our country, there won’t be any public schools. The churches will have taken […] Read More

Government-Sponsored Religion, Tax Funding of Religion

Whenever public funds are involved, so is the Constitution.

That’s what Americans United reminded La Crosse County, Wisc., in an April letter to county officials regarding their $50,000 contract with a local Salvation Army homeless shelter.

AU had received complaints that the Salvation Army regularly presents prayers and sermons at meals and holds religious services at its shelter facility. Yet […] Read More

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Many young people these days tend to look at college in a utilitarian light: They ask, “What can I study that will land me a good job and lead to a comfortable life?”

I understand that impulse. But I’d also like to think there are other reasons for going to college – say, to expand your horizons. A good university […] Read More

May 25th, 2009
By Rob Boston
Freedom of Religion, Resources

The Wall of Separation is taking the day off. If you’re itching for something new to read about separation of church and state, I recommend this page from our friends at the Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty.

This document is a lecture delivered by BJC Executive Director the Rev. J. Brent Walker in September of 2005. It was […] Read More

Church Politicking, Freedom of Religion, Marriage & Sexuality, Religion and politics

An interesting survey was issued recently, indicating that many members of the clergy remain strong supporters of church-state separation.

The 2009 Clergy Voices Survey, issued May 20, sampled mainline clergy on their views regarding the separation of church and state.   The findings were really rather encouraging.

The survey found that a majority (65 percent) of mainline clergy agree […] Read More

Church Politicking

Sometimes, a good, old-fashioned debate is the best way to hash out a contentious public issue.

I attended an event like this yesterday at the National Press Club here in Washington, where Americans United Executive Director Barry W. Lynn participated in spirited (but polite) verbal bout over pulpit politicking.

The event was put on by the Alliance Defense Fund (ADF), […] Read More

Government-Sponsored Religion, Religion in Public Life

Rehoboth Beach, Del., is sometimes called “the nation’s summer capital.” Folks from the Washington, D.C., area flock there when the August swelter descends upon us. The resort town is known for its great restaurants, interesting shops, a fun boardwalk and generally progressive viewpoint.

Surrounding Sussex County, however, has a different reputation. The largest county in little Delaware is known for […] Read More

Defending The Courts, Judicial Nominations, Religious Right Research

Supreme Court Justice David H. Souter’s decision to retire and return to his farm in New Hampshire has really got the Religious Right’s knickers in knots – but also has given movement leaders an opportunity.

President Barack Obama is expected to name Souter’s replacement soon, and chances are the Religious Right isn’t going to like that person’s record.

What to […] Read More

Religion in the Military

The role of religion in the U.S. military has been an ongoing problem for Americans United.

Usually, our concern stems from complaints that soldiers are being coerced to attend religious services during training or that Bibles are being distributed to U.S. soldiers on military bases.

But if reports by GQ and The New York Times […] Read More