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Freedom of Religion, Religion in Public Life

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice flew to Iraq on Wednesday to lecture government leaders there about the importance of “non-sectarian” government.

According to several media accounts, Rice, accompanied by Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld, met with Nouri al-Maliki, interim head of the Iraqi government, and other government leaders.

Reuters news service reported that Rice remarked that the new Iraqi […] Read More

Religion in Public Life

U.S. Sen. Robert Byrd (D-W.Va.) took to the Senate floor today to offer a rambling, factually challenged and, at times, incoherent, speech calling for a constitutional amendment advancing prayer in the nation’s public schools.

Byrd, who styles himself as the Senate’s premier constitutional expert, put forward the Religious Right’s tired and wildly disingenuous claims that the Founding Fathers were Christians […] Read More

Church Politicking, Religious Right Research

TV preacher Pat Robertson’s top lawyer Jay Sekulow has issued a new fund-raising appeal via e-mail that is only 17 paragraphs long – and he manages to cram a falsehood into just about each one.

This hysterical screed attacks Americans United for daring to remind religious leaders that federal law bars non-profit groups, including houses of worship, from endorsing or […] Read More

Religion in Public Schools

Extreme right-wing factions of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) are yet again attacking the public schools, but mainstream Baptists are fighting back.

The Nashville-based Baptist Center for Ethics, founded in 1991 to provide “positive and practical ethics resources and services” to congregations nationwide, has issued a letter in support of the public schools that has been signed by […] Read More

Marriage & Sexuality

The drive for a Federal Marriage Amendment has always been fueled primarily by the Religious Right. However, as noted today in The New York Times, other conservative Christian leaders have joined forces with the likes of James Dobson, D. James Kennedy and Richard Land.

According to The Times, seven Catholic cardinals and about a half dozen archbishops have […] Read More

Faith-Based Initiatives, Religious Right Research

White House “Faith Czar” James Towey announced his resignation this week, and it looks like he plans to go out swinging – against Americans United for Separation of
Church and State.

In recent days, Towey has taken several potshots at Americans United, the group that has spearheaded opposition to President George W. Bush’s “faith-based” initiative. According to Towey, the […] Read More

Religion in Public Schools

A federal appeals court has given new life to a legal challenge against federal funding for a religious education program run by the University of Notre Dame.

Taxpayers, represented the American Civil Liberties Union of Indiana, sued the U.S. Department of Education seeking to recover a $500,000 grant to the Catholic university to run a program called the Alliance for […] Read More

Church Politicking, Religion in Public Schools

The Christian Coalition, founded by TV preacher Pat Robertson, is on a continued down-hill slide. As The Washington Post reported today, the group has amassed a mountain of debt and its signature “voter guides” are about to undergo major changes.

Robertson and his long-time lieutenant Ralph Reed severed ties with the Coalition years ago. The televangelist presides over his […] Read More

Religious Right Research

Does the Religious Right have too much influence in American politics?

Veteran political observer Kevin Phillips certainly thinks so. In a Washington Post op-ed yesterday, Phillips blasted the Bush administration for its overly close relationship with Religious Right leaders.

“We have had small-scale theocracies in North America before — in Puritan New England and later in Mormon Utah,” said […] Read More