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Evolution & Creationism, Religious Right Research

Fallout continues from U.S District Judge John E. Jones’ Dec. 20 ruling striking down the teaching of “intelligent design” in Dover, Pa.

First off, a local newspaper, the York Daily Record, has suggested that some of the former school board members who voted to implement the policy may have lied on the witness stand and may be open to prosecution […] Read More

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Friends of public schools and church-state separation have long warned that voucher schemes will spell disaster. The evidence is growing that the prediction is right.

Earlier this year, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel published an investigative series that found alarming deficiencies in many of the religious and other private schools founded to take advantage of the state’s voucher program. While […] Read More

Religion in Public Life, This Day in History

Dec. 9 marks the 100th anniversary of France’s adoption of legislation mandating the separation of church and state.

Like many European nations, France had a long tradition of government-established religion. Throughout much of the nation’s history, the Roman Catholic Church received official preference. Great disparity between rich and poor and a sense that the church’s clergy had lost touch with […] Read More

Religious Right Research

Former President Jimmy Carter is speaking out forcefully on the growing threat to church-state separation.

On Comedy Central’s “Daily Show” Dec. 5, Carter told host John Stewart that he is deeply concerned about “radical changes” to American policy as a result of the increasing power of religious and political fundamentalism.

Said Carter, “Lately, what has been of great […] Read More

Freedom of Religion, Religion in Public Life

Indiana’s House of Representatives is a forum for creating law, not for proselytizing.

It took a federal judge to remind that chamber’s 100 members that their duties do not include advancing one religion over another.

On Nov. 30, U.S. District Judge David F. Hamilton ruled that in 2005, the Indiana House had opened its sessions with prayers devoted […] Read More