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Religion in Public Life, Religious Right Research

Repercussions are still being felt from Americans United’s report to Pentagon officials earlier this year about evangelical Christian proselytizing at the Air Force Academy.

Yesterday Air Force officials released a set of guidelines covering religious expression that apply not only to the Academy but to bases nationwide.

The document makes it clear that while service members […] Read More

Religious Right Research

Televangelist Pat Robertson spent most of yesterday attempting damage control after his call for the American military to assassinate President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela.

During his Aug. 24 “700 Club” broadcast, the 75-year-old TV preacher insisted that he had not used the word “assassination,” during his rant against the Venezuelan leader two days earlier. “I said our Special Forces […] Read More

Freedom of Religion, Religious Right Research

TV Preacher Pat Robertson’s call for the American government to assassinate Venezuela’s president may have done irreparable damage to his already shaky standing among the nation’s religious and political circles.

Robertson’s Aug. 22 comments during a broadcast of “The 700 Club,” that killing President Hugo Chavez would be “a whole lot cheaper than starting a war,” was […] Read More

Religion in Public Life, Religious Right Research

What exactly does the Religious Right stand for?

Its leaders have made some of the movement’s values patently clear, such as destroying the First Amendment principle of church-state separation and privacy rights. Today one could argue that American imperialism should be added to the list.

According to a faculty member at TV preacher Jerry Falwell’s […] Read More

Judicial Nominations, Religious Right Research

More documents about Supreme Court nominee John G. Roberts continue to be released by the White House – and for defenders of church-state separation, the news is not good.

According to a Washington Post report, in 1985 Roberts, then working as a legal advisor in the Ronald W. Reagan White House, was asked to review a […] Read More

Evolution & Creationism, Religious Right Research

President George W. Bush’s musings on public school curricula and whether they should include study of “intelligent design” have produced a harvest of publicity for the ID movement and the leading group that has spent loads of money and time peddling it, the Seattle-based Discovery Institute.

Now, a lengthy piece from yesterday’s The New York Times […] Read More

Religion in Public Life, Religion in Public Schools

California public school teacher Stephen J. Williams created quite a stir last year with his claim that he had been told not to use the Declaration of Independence in class due to its reference to “the Creator.”

Backed by the Alliance Defense Fund (ADF), a well-heeled Religious Right legal group bankrolled by TV preachers, Williams filed a […] Read More

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The Indiana Court of Appeals has invalidated a county judge’s order that barred divorcing Wiccan parents from exposing their only child to their spiritual practices.

In early 2004, Marion County Superior Court Chief Judge Cale J. Bradford granted a divorce to Thomas E. Jones Jr. and Tammie U. Bristol. The order directed the Indianapolis residents “to take […] Read More

Religious Right Research

Right-wing activists are rallying around President George W. Bush’s Supreme Court nominee Judge John G. Roberts and slamming the nominee’s critics as hate-mongers.

Televangelist Jerry Falwell, who relishes attacking Americans United for Separation of Church and State as well as a host of other progressive groups, recently issued an e-mail to supporters decrying critics of Roberts. […] Read More

Evolution & Creationism, Religion in Public Life

So where does President George W. Bush stand on the issue of teaching so-called “intelligent design” (ID) as a scientific alternative to evolution in the public schools?

At the White House Monday, Bush was asked by a reporter whether he believes ID – the latest variant of creationism — should be taught in the nation’s public schools. According […] Read More