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Religion in Public Life

A Kentucky judge is boosting local church attendance by offering drug offenders a sentence of worship services instead of confinement or rehab.

The Associated Press has reported that Laurel County District Judge Michael Caperton has provided, on about 50 different occasions, to drug and alcohol offenders the option of going to church instead of spending time […] Read More

Religion in Public Life

The Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C., has long been acknowledged as a defender of good science education in America.

The Smithsonian’s Museum of Natural History, a popular tourist attraction, presents the story of life on earth in a compelling yet accessible fashion.

Thus it was a shock to read that Smithsonian officials have joined forces with a […] Read More

Religion in Public Life

Americans United’s report on religious bias and promotion of fundamentalist Christianity at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs continues to reverberate through the military.

In the most recent developments, Air Force officials have issued a statement reminding officers that they must respect the religious beliefs of others and cautioning against using official channels for the advancement of […] Read More

Religion in Public Life, Religion in Public Schools

A judge in Indiana apparently believes the First Amendment’s religious liberty clauses only protect majority faiths.

Marion County Superior Court Chief Judge Cale J. Bradford has drawn press attention for refusing to lift an order from a divorce decree barring Thomas E. Jones Jr. and his ex-wife Tammie U. Bristol from exposing their 9-year-old son to “non-mainstream” […] Read More

Inside AU, Religion in Public Life

U.S. Sen. Rick Santorum has big plans for the wall of separation between church and state – mainly, to demolish it.

In a recent New York Times Magazine profile, Santorum was frank in outlining his wall-bashing scheme for writer Michael Sokolove. As one of the Senate’s leading proponents of President George W. Bush’s “faith-based” initiative, Santorum plays a key […] Read More

Judicial Nominations, Religion in Public Life

With the fight over judicial filibusters still raging in the Senate, the White House is secretly preparing a short list of nominees for the Supreme Court with the help of right-wing groups.

Although none of the sitting Supreme Court justices has announced an intention to leave the bench, Washington is abuzz with speculation. Many are anticipating that Chief Justice William […] Read More

Religion in Public Life

Baltimore, Md., suffers from many of the problems that beset most urban centers in America today. Rampant poverty and the blights that follow it plague neighborhoods that were once bastions of prosperity.

For the last half century, non-profit organizations of all kinds have worked to stop crime, to redevelop crumbling neighborhoods, to stop the cycle of drug addition and to […] Read More

Evolution & Creationism

New information in the Air Force Academy religious discrimination scandal was revealed today by USA Today and The New York Times. An Air Force Academy chaplain who criticized “strident” evangelizing by Christian officers said Wednesday that she was fired by the academy’s head chaplain.

Captain Melinda Morton is one of many who have come forward to criticize preferential […] Read More

Evolution & Creationism, Religious Right Research

Like many Americans, Sen. Frank Lautenberg of New Jersey was appalled at Pat Robertson’s extreme remarks on “This Week” with George Stephanopolous last Sunday. Robertson accused U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg of being a communist, asserted that only Jews and Christians were fit for public service, and made some very uncouth comments about Islam. What shocked Lautenberg […] Read More

Religion in Public Life, Religion in Public Schools

Kansas public school officials are again drawing national attention for their dogged determination to teach students that Darwin’s theory of evolution is controversial.

Spurred by Religious Right activists, attempts to undermine the teaching of evolution are not unique to Kansas. The battle over the scientific theory’s place in the public schools is not a new one either. The controversy […] Read More