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Evolution & Creationism, Inside AU

Church & State has just received notification that it has won a major award from the magazine Utne (formerly Utne Reader ).

The editors of Utne awarded Church & State a “General Excellence Award” for best newsletter in its 2004 Independent Press Awards competition.

The awards are an annual event celebrating independent publishing. […] Read More

Evolution & Creationism, Religion in Public Schools

In response to legal action by 11 parents in Dover, Pa., opposing their school board’s attempt to present so-called “intelligent design” in science classes, news reports are focusing on the issue of religion in America’s public schools.

“There is a reason that the eyes of the nation will be on this,” the assistant legal director at Americans United, Richard B. […] Read More

Religion in Public Schools

Has a public school in California banned the use of the Declaration of Independence because of the document’s mention of a creator? To listen to a Religious Right advocacy group, school officials at Stevens Creek Elementary School in Cupertino, Calif., have done so.

The Alliance Defense Fund (ADF), whose founders include right-wing religious broadcasters such as James Dobson and D. […] Read More

Evolution & Creationism, Religion in Public Life

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia has long distinguished himself as an opponent of church-state separation. Now, however, more than merely taking a stand against core First Amendment principles, Scalia has decided to turn history on its head.

At an interfaith conference celebrating the 350th anniversary of America’s Jewish community, Scalia declared that the Founders intended for religion to play a […] Read More

Church Politicking, Religion in Public Schools

In the 2004 elections, Religious Right leaders here in America campaigned feverishly for candidates and causes that reflected their religious agenda. Now it seems that their example is being followed in Iraq.

Just as James Dobson, Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson and their ilk tried to encourage churches to get involved in partisan politicking, Islamic Shiite leaders in Iraq are not […] Read More

Freedom of Religion, Religious Right Research

Italy has a long Catholic tradition, and today the vast majority of Italians retain at least a nominal allegiance to the church.

But a funny thing has happened along the way: Despite centuries of cooperation between church and state, relatively few Italians today bother to follow church teachings, and the nation has many secular overtones. Although more than 95 percent […] Read More