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Marriage & Sexuality

In the fight over an amendment to ban same-sex marriage in Georgia, the battle became personal earlier this week.

Sadie Fields is leading the campaign to ban same-sex marriage as chairwoman of the Georgia Christian Coalition. In Monday’s Atlanta Journal-Constitution she railed against the “assault” on the family by marriage-rights advocates. Her slippery-slope argument warned, “If we fail to […] Read More

Marriage & Sexuality, Religious Right Research

Over the years, Religious Right activists have blamed gay people for everything from the fall of the Roman Empire to the rise of Nazi Germany. James C. Dobson, founder of Focus on the Family, took this line of thinking to its logical conclusion recently when he asserted that gays will usher in the end of the world.

Speaking at a […] Read More

Religious Right Research, Religious Symbols on Public Property

Roy's RockAfter months of traveling around the country on the back of a flat-bed truck, former Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore’s Ten Commandments monument finally reached its ultimate destination today: a rally on the National Mall in the heart of Washington, D.C.

The event, which reportedly cost more than $1 million to stage, was organized by Bishop John […] Read More

Religion in Public Life, Religious Right Research

TV preacher Pat Robertson’s big mouth has him in trouble again – this time with some people he normally calls friends and political allies.

When we last left the intrepid Virginia televangelist, he had managed to offend the entire country of Israel, when, during a speech in that nation, he urged Jews to accept Jesus as their personal savior. […] Read More

October 8th, 2004
By Sam Felder
Religious Right Research

Not content with mucking up American politics, TV evangelist Pat Robertson has created a stir in Israel. On his 40th visit to the country, Robertson used a 40-minute speech to encourage Jews to accept Jesus as their messiah.

Robertson declared that Jews need to begin to cry out for their messiah. “I’ve met wonderful Jews in Siberia, Brazil, the United […] Read More

Evolution & Creationism, Religion in Public Schools

Earlier this week, the school board in Dover, Pa., voted to bring attacks on evolution into biology classrooms. Students and teachers will be given books titled “Of Pandas and People” as reference works.

Offended by the choice of a mainstream textbook for classroom use, some members of the board pushed for this creationist tome to be distributed. Although it is […] Read More

Religion in Public Schools

It is a legitimate and constitutionally sound function for a public school teacher to teach about world cultures, including the religions they celebrate. What public school teachers must not do is to immerse their students in religious rituals, such as a baptism, or in the case of a fifth-grade teacher in California, Bible-based foot-washings.

A teacher at a public school […] Read More

Faith-Based Initiatives, Religious Right Research

At least four operatives of the Rev. Sun Myung Moon’s Unification Church are on the federal payroll or getting government grants through President George W. Bush’s “Healthy Marriage Initiative” and other “faith-based” programs.

An investigative report by the San Francisco Chronicle found troubling connections between a government – sponsored “Certified Marriage Education Training Seminar” and Moon front groups. The […] Read More