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Religious School Vouchers

Money from a federal program intended to expand public school choice has instead been used to prop up a scheme cooked up by William J. Bennett to boost home schoolers in Arkansas, Education Week has reported.

Newspaper staffers David J. Hoff and Michelle R. Davis report that a for-profit firm called K12, Inc., run by former Education Secretary and “drug […] Read More

July 27th, 2004
By Sam Felder
Religious Right Research

After years of trying to ban the Harry Potter books, the Religious Right is now pushing their own “Christian” alternative to the best-selling series.

TV preachers and the Religious Right have tried to undermine Harry Potter since the books first appeared on American shelves in 1998. In addition to being national best-sellers, the Harry Potter books hold the dubious distinction […] Read More

Church Politicking

On a campaign swing through Ohio yesterday, John Kerry attended services at the First Church of God in Columbus, Ohio. The Democratic presidential candidate was introduced by the pastor and given an opportunity to speak to the overflow crowd. In light of so many recent controversies over church electioneering, isn’t this another example of illegal activity?

Probably not, according to […] Read More

Religion in Public Life, Religious School Vouchers

christianflagAll citizens who need to do business with Gov. Jeb Bush’s top lawyer must walk past a small American flag that is a little different than the one you might be used to seeing. Superimposed over the stars is a white cross.

An aide to the governor claims that the card has been posted in the reception area of […] Read More

Religion in Public Schools

In the debates over school vouchers and President George W. Bush’s so-called “faith-based” initiative, there is a constant dilemma for religious organizations: stand for the founding principles of our republic or accept government money. The suffering economy has hurt the coffers of many congregations and the promise of government dollars can be difficult to resist.

The most recent example of […] Read More

Religion in Public Life, Religious Right Research

The Christian Coalition of America is again mired in controversy. An Oklahoma direct mail company has taken the group to court over an unpaid $87,000 bill. Although both sides declined to comment, the lawsuit reflects ongoing problems at the once influential Religious Right organization.

Founded by TV preacher Pat Robertson after his failed bid for the presidency in 1988, […] Read More

Evolution & Creationism, Religious Right Research

The mystery has been solved. We now know who arranged for the Rev. Sun Myung Moon to get space in the Dirksen Senate Office Building March 23 for the self-proclaimed messiah’s coronation. U.S. Sen. John Warner (R-Va.) admitted yesterday that he got the room for the controversial Korean evangelist – but he says he did so unknowingly.

The Washington […] Read More

Church Politicking, Religious Symbols on Public Property

For years, a self-proclaimed historian named David Barton has traveled the nation, offering fundamentalist Christian audiences a cut-and-paste version of American history that intends to prove that separation of church and state is a myth and that America’s founders intended for the United States to be a “Christian nation.”

Mainstream historians have pointed out the numerous flaws and outright errors […] Read More

Religion in Public Schools, Religious Symbols on Public Property

Three years ago this month, Roy Moore, then chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court, waited until the end of the day and then arranged to have a two-and-a-half ton Ten Commandments monument placed in the lobby of the state Judicial Building.

The action sparked a lawsuit. Americans United, the American Civil Liberties Union of Alabama and the Southern Poverty […] Read More

Church Politicking, Religion in Public Schools, Religious Right Research

From President George W. Bush’s efforts to enlist “friendly congregations” in his re-election bid to TV preacher Jerry Falwell’s partisan shenanigans, church politicking has become a July-hot issue this summer.

Falwell, in his latest salvo against separation of church and state, used his tax-exempt Jerry Falwell Ministries to both endorse Bush’s re-election and to encourage his followers to donate to […] Read More